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I hate himm

Ik hate is a stroung word but who breaks up with someone because they wont have sex infront of there freinds??!!


Thus is just i case i practly blind person wants to read my blog! HAHAHA Jk! Im doing rele good!Im in best buy didnt know these computers worked!But m bored as hell so i minis well use it! haha im rele giggly! Well...Just got my hair cut! It Look ahhhhmazing post pics l8er! Stayed at a friends all last weekend (fridayafternoon-sunday afternoon for the slow) we had a blastdid evreything you could imagine! And the pizza was rele good(Yes i said it i enjoyed my food for once) Well Gtg post more l8er




In bestbuy!

Dec. 29th, 2009

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! ik i did! I got a Camra and a printer! Some pants, sweatshirts! Gift cards!  Its almost New Years So here are my Resolutions:
  1. Eat Heathy ,eat Less
  2. Stick to a diet Plan
  3. exersize more
  4. losee 30 pounds!
  5. Be nicer to people
Those are my new years resoloutions!

Guess im just A useless #@*&*

Whore.. He broke up with me! Proceeded to call me a Fat Whore!

And im in my right mind to beleive himm!

in the Middle again!

Poem: Stuck: In Between Her and Me Ana Or life This Disease or Recovery scared of Staying But more scared of Not But she has to choose The clock is ticking Fast And im still stuck Stuck in this Love/hate Relashonship Stuck in the Reflection Stuck to the Scale! i Know the consequences But they dont mesure to the Benifits:Sheer thin Beuty so im not stuck anymore I shall stay So thts my poem!! Okay so im in the middle Like my poem states! Idk rele Because Ana has alot of Benefits! But theres also the down side. but from some ive heard the benefits are Grand! So thts a Pic of my ugly self!! Done for now!

This time im Serious!!!! <3

wow todays working miracles! Thanx for commenting people. First off i wanna say im back on Recovery this time there be no Relapse! Im tired of throwing my life away. Its ridulos what ive bin putting myself through! I realized today IM Freaking BEUTIFUL! and im throwing it all away for nothing. Im tired of this! Im done! (Bye ana) Today i realized if i continue this path im not gonna make it any where but a Grave. Do i rele want tht? no not at all. and i was Born to dance well i cant dance under these conditions. And its hell. What is it for anyway?? Bones, thin hair and a flat chest, As my ex says 'i want some ass to grab dont become a stick'. And my Wild Brown hair it would look Horrid, i <3 my hair.
I'll post more l8er


Fail! Utter fail yesterday,


i think i may Be Lesbian instead of Bi as i thought! why must this happen to me?? I mean i dont have anything against being Lesbo Just my Fam is against Gays or atleast my dads side. So this sux! But im not sure! Im just not and Any advice on this: well i have a boyfriend should i break up with him?? idk rele i mean since im not sure yet should I??
-Danielle aka Ella